Enable climate action through real insight

We help companies determine, measure, structure and tackle their climate footprint.

Connecting a climate strategy to your business creates a way of working that will last in the long run and is aligned with your business model.

Our offer

Climate Inventory and Reporting

We help business of all sizes and in all industries to measure and report on there climate footprint.

We help you to define and design your unique inventory set up, based on your needs.

We provide IT tools for data structuring and collection, data storage and reporting of climate data. We also provide analysis via Power BI and integrations to other preferred data analytics tools.


  • Climate inventory and reporting – Scope 1, 2 and 3
  • Integration of climate data to preferred structures
  • Built on GHG-protocol principles
  • CO₂ – reduction target visualisation
  • Inventory data quality analysis and revision

Professional Services

In addition to climate inventory and reporting we provide senior consulting services to secure a successful green strategy ready to meet tomorrows sustainability challenges.

We support our clients on a strategic level with climate strategy or risk assessment and also on an operational level to secure effective implementation.

We strive to build long term partnerships with our clients by providing services through all stages, from analysis to strategy and implementation and further on to reporting and communication.

We are specialists on climate action but we can through partners set up an offering that covers most of your sustainability needs.


  • Advisory Board
  • Climate training
  • Climate strategy
  • Internal CO₂ pricing
  • Board consultation
  • Stakeholder and supply chain analysis
  • DD & risk assessment
  • Goal and scope definition


”With a Climate Inventory we added an important tool to identify and tackle our climate footprint. Asterias Group have been valuable throughout the whole process and supported us with methodology, tools and expertise which will simplify the work in the years to come.”

Sören Rantzow, CIO

We engaged Asterias Group in the design and implementation of a system for tracking and reporting climate footprint. We have since then continued working in strategic and operational issues regarding our sustainability commitments. Asterias Group is professional and have added great value in form of competence and progress.”

Mats Johnson, CEO

“We needed new energy and competence into our sustainability work. Asterias Group has provided us with both, as they have helped us to develop our initiatives and take them to the next level. Their commitment and knowledge has led to a continuing partnership that we look very much forward to.”

Tor-Björn Danielsson, CEO, Hydria Group


Asterias Group worked with us to collect and present information regarding Scope 1, 2 and 3, CO₂ emissions from our global companies. I found them to be professional, thorough and easy to work with. They were always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and respond to questions. I look forward to our continued working relationship.”

Lisa Kaye, Head of Marketing and Sustainability

Visa källbilden

“Asterias Group has made valuable efforts for us with their expertise and social ability to communicate fact-based areas in an understandable way to our customers.”

Anders Blomster, Managing Director, Ampiro group


”Asterias Group successfully conducted project management, operational support and implementation of CLand’s environmental management system, ISO 14001: 2015. We have chosen to continue the collaboration with Asterias Group through assignments within our Advisory Board.”

Jonas Olofsson, Managing Director, CLand

C Land Logistics

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